Ten Steps in the Land of Life

The power of thinking, to win or to lose, to relate to life, to youth, to old age, to strength, to weakness, has been recognized from the beginning of time.

In this comprehensive and fascinating book, the author, a philosopher, poet and educator, presents “Ten Steps in the Land of Life” as a source of inspiration and strength. The intention of the author is to give courage to people, to make people aware that happiness exists in spite of struggle and suffering.

Dr. Lena Allen-Shore demonstrates how respect for life, self-acceptance, the beauty of nature, the knowledge of communication, the responsibility and the joy of fulfillment contribute to the wellbeing of the individual.

The author emphasizes the importance of inspiration, the sense of belonging to the family of men, the role of arts and the role of continuing education in the process of self-growth.

The “Ten Steps in the Land of Life” will take you on an ascending path to the discovery of individual meaning in life.

The greatest gift of the human being is to be able to find in himself or herself the inspiration to go forward every day and believe that the source of happiness is not outside of his or her life but inside his or her own being. If children can learn how to walk, so people have to find in themselves the point of departure in order to give direction in searching their own growth.

We have eyes and these eyes help us not only to see – they have to know how to look around their immediate horizon, they have to be vigilant and at the same time to know what to retain so as to understand the world. The power of observing leads us every morning to the magnificent creation – nature. Every single morning, we see a new source of proof that the creation is not finished.

We take this creation in ourselves and then we go to the mirror. There in the mirror we meet our eyes that a minute before observed the world. Now we look at our eyes and we know that it is their guidance which will lead us into our first steps today.

The sunny morning helped you to open your eyes on the day of a new beginning – a new beginning because every new day depends on your own eagerness to be who you want to be. Every day is your ally under once condition – that you let your eyes show you how to choose a positive thought. Your eyes and your thought meet. They are responsible for your behavior every single minute.

In your mind, in your imagination, try to visualize a mountain. You can imagine Mont Blanc, the Himalayas, Mount Sinai or the Rocky Mountains in Canada. Decide how to climb any mountain, any mountain leading you to meaningful life. Yes – life is a mountain, a wonderful mountain, if we believe that this is our challenge. The challenge is to combine the inspiration and our dreams.

The dreams can come true only when we are inspired by the dawn of every day. The sun is somewhere in the sky but we have to find the time to life our eyes and – if the sun is hiding in the clouds – we have to have patience to wait for it. By believing that life of every day is our mountain ready to climb, and these mountains are as different as Mont Blanc, the Himalayas, Mount Sinai and the Rockies.

“Ten Steps in the Land of Life” gives you a gift of finding your own meaning in life every single day at any time and at any age.

According to the author, “I am using my life as canvas – and on this canvas I am painting the pictures where the history of every day is present in the colors of the day, in the colors of time passing and revealing the storm and miracles which take place not only outside but inside us – the storm and the miracles are real and it is up to us to look at them, to face them and the only criteria are: our relationship to God and our relationship to man.”