Reflections On The Life Of Dr Therese Lena Shore( Dr. Lena Allen-Shore) By A Former Student, Father John Gabage

Lives Lived: Reflections on the life of Dr. Thérèse Lena Allen-Shore
By a former student, Father John Gabage

Rejoice when I heard them say, Let us go to the house of the Lord!

I can only imagine the wonders Lena is able to behold at this time.

A poet and philosopher, a woman of conviction brought about a renaissance in Philadelphia when it came to education. She was able to preside over classroom encounters of people/teachers of such diverse thinking, upbringing, socioeconomic backgrounds, cultural influences and faith traditions, and she was able to see the person for who he or she was – a human being who was capable of more than what society was presenting in the moment. Her classroom was a haven for dialogue and understanding; her heart was a sanctuary of uncountable blessings.

Her ability to speak of beauty and truth and the encounter each person was able to confront when presented by her the artists of drawing, painting, music, poetry, dance, etc. – these were the cause for the mind of every disciple to become open to the possibilities not just of their own students but also of themselves. Lena had the ability to see into you like no other. Lena was able to also ask the questions that often others could not or dare not ask – truly a Philosopher.

Her friendships and acquaintances were almost as numerous as the stars of the heavens and she was able to allow each person to shine as they ought in the glory of their creator. She enabled others to literally BE. The existence of each person was truly valued by Lena, and she wanted the nature of personhood to be grasped and then for, beyond themselves, the person would be able to encounter the greater possibilities that lie beyond words, to experience the beauty of creation…

Lena would often look to the trees from her windows and ponder and engage me in the same practice. I knew one could not stand in her shoes – so her view was profoundly different because of the perspective (the vantage point from which she approached) and the placement of myself in the room was not in the exact location… we certainly saw the trees at the same time but what she saw was different because of the perspective she had compared to mine. Lena welcomed words to be expressed and compared so that understanding might take shape between friends and nature. Profundity!

The countless hours and visits are indelibly marked upon my heart; for I cherish her beyond measure.

Please know of the friends she has made here upon this earth that have gone to the heavenly realm now welcome her to bask upon BEAUTY itself. As she is summoned by those who dwell in light, may you know of the greatest gift that she now possesses – Shalom! – The peace that can only be truly experienced in God.

May my prayers join those of so many as we send our beloved Therese Lena Herzig Allen Shore, escorted by our love and affection, to be in company with Abraham, our father in faith, and join God for all eternity. May her soul and all the souls of the faithfully departed rest in peace. Amen.

Pondering the world differently because of her.